For Physiotherapists


Dr. Klippenstein endeavours to work closely with physiotherapists to manage most musculoskeletal condition that he sees. Referrals are made postoperatively for most surgical procedures, or at the time of initial assessment in the office. As much as possible, it is attempted to refer patients back to the therapist or facility where they may have had previous treatment. Operative reports can be made available upon request and a phone call to Dr. Klippenstein’s Brandon Clinic office. We rely heavily on the management and input of physiotherapists, and their concerns or suggestions are always encouraged.

Physiotherapy reports and updates are always helpful and much appreciated when forwarded to Dr. Klippenstein or brought in by the patient at the time of their appointments. Specific questions can be included on these reports, or directed by phone or fax to Dr. Klippenstein’s office. He will try to answer in return as promptly as possible. Unfortunately patients do not always follow through on physiotherapy referrals when they are made, and it is helpful for our office if we are notified when this occurs.


  • Physiotherapy is frequently ordered for rehabilitation following fractures. Management is left largely to the discretion of the therapist, as referral is typically not made until the fracture is stable enough to allow at least passive range of motion, even if it is not completely healed. Instructions will be given however for weight bearing status in lower extremity fractures. It is left to the discretion of the therapist as to when discharge from physiotherapy is appropriate. If there appears to be a need for splinting, bracing or orthotics, please contact Dr. Klippenstein for the appropriate referral to be made.
  • If you wish to obtain obtain Xray reports, please contact Dr. Klippenstein at his Brandon Clinic office and these can be forwarded.


  • The following physiotherapy protocols are currently being used at BRHC for Dr. Klippenstein’s patients. They are made available here as a guide for other therapists, who may wish to use them or blend them with their own programs. The general principles and time lines should be upheld, but specific exercises can certainly be at the discretion of the therapist. If there are any questions, these can be directed to the BRHC physiotherapy office at 204-578-4500 or Dr. Klippenstein.