Fracture Clinic

Dr. Klippenstein sees fracture patients in the Fracture Clinic at BRHC, and his clinic usually runs on Wednesday afternoons. Patients with acute fractures are usually assigned to the orthopaedic surgeon on call for the week in which a referral is made. Referrals of simple fractures not expected to require surgery may be referred by fax (204-578-4956) directly to the Fracture Clinic, and will be assigned to the appropriate surgeon.

If there is a possibility that surgery may be needed, as with any displaced or angulated fractures, open fractures, or fractures extending into a joint, the orthopaedic surgeon on call should be contacted directly. Appropriate splints or slings should be provided for the patient waiting for a Fracture Clinic appointment.

A consult letter can be expected from Dr. Klippenstein outlining the fracture management and necessary follow ups. Sometimes additional follow ups are arranged through the Fracture Clinic, and sometimes basic management is returned to the referring physician. If there is any concern regarding possible complications or questions about appropriate ongoing care, it is best to contact Dr. Klippenstein directly through the Brandon Clinic (204-571-7136).

If your patient does not show for their appointment, the Fracture Clinic will usually try to contact the patient and notify your office, but no responsibility will be taken if no contact can be made.