For Physicians


All referrals to Dr. Klippenstein are reviewed by him. If the referral is outside his scope of practice, it will be forwarded to the appropriate subspecialist.  Include a brief summary of the problem or condition, treatment to date, and copies of any imaging reports. Note if further tests have been ordered or are pending, and indicate on the imaging requisition when you order it that copies of reports should go to Dr. Klippenstein (fax 204-726-8797). A list of other medical problems and medications is helpful.

If this is a chronic problem, it is expected that non-operative treatment options will already have been tried. If this is an acute problem, non-operative treatment should be initiated at the time of referral for consideration of surgery. This especially includes physiotherapy, and there are very few conditions where physio will cause any problems initially, even if only intended for pain management and assistance with activities of daily living. Often it will result in at least some improvement.

If the patient is booked for surgery, forms will be completed at the Brandon Clinic, along with necessary lab work. The patient will bring a pre-op History and Physical form to your office which should be completed and returned to the Brandon Clinic by fax (204-726-8797) as soon as possible. The booking will not be processed until this is received. If there are additional lab tests, imaging, or consultation reports which you feel would be helpful for assessing fitness for anaesthesia or surgery, please forward these as well. Unfortunately these Physician History and Physical forms are valid for 6 months only, and may need to be filled again to meet current standards.