COVID-19 Considerations

Our Orthopaedic practice has seen significant changes and restrictions recently due to the COVID-19 crisis, as in so many other areas of society and the world. The Brandon Clinic and Prairie Mountain Health have been extremely diligent in maintaining the highest standards of patient safety and care in this rapidly changing environment. Much of the musculoskeletal care that we provide is considered nonessential, relative to the gravity of the viral pandemic. This is understandable given the serious conditions and need for preparedness that other areas of health care are facing.

For now, all elective orthopaedic surgery has been put on hold, and patient visits to hospitals and clinics have been significantly cut back, as recommended by our governments and health authorities. While we wait for things to normalize, and not knowing when this will occur, we are trying to continue to offer a high level of Orthopaedic service by maintaining contact with our patients and offering available treatment alternatives and advice as we are able.

Your primary care givers will continue to try to provide necessary musculoskeletal care within their own limitations and restrictions. We continue to receive consults from them for bone and joint problems that we will attend to as soon as possible. Acute fractures and deep musculoskeletal infections continue to receive the highest orthopaedic priority. While patient visits to the Brandon Clinic are restricted we will be calling as many patients as we can to review their orthopaedic problems and concerns by phone. Fortunately we can review the xrays, MRI’s and other available tests to help make appropriate diagnoses, suggest management, and review treatment options, including surgery.

Patients are encouraged to call my office at any point, whether they are awaiting an initial consultation, have already been seen and are waiting for their surgery date, or have been deemed not to require surgery but have further questions about their condition. We will try to respond to all calls and messages. Even though our elective surgery is currently on hold, and recognizing that we already are facing unusually long wait times due to current hospital anaesthesia shortages, we are attempting to fast track new patients who will need surgery, and manage wait times for those already on our surgical list.

As well, it is hoped that this website can act as a helpful resource for patients and their families, wherever they currently sit in their wait to be treated. We thank you for your patience and consideration during these challenging times, and look forward to providing a high level of care in a compassionate environment that will meet our patients’ needs in as timely a fashion as possible.